Syntelligent is a Value Added Reseller for the Haystax Constellation Analytics Platform TM   providing installation support, training, and Subject Matter Expertise in deployment of the Platform to monitor threats and prioritize and address risk.


Haystax built a system for transforming human expertise into models that can evaluate complex security problems – the Model First Approach. Data relevant to the domain problem is ingested enabling uses to get real insights. The Platform separates the critical signals from the insignificant noise to connect the dots at scale. It includes ready-to-use apps for collaborative visualization, threat alerting, asset cataloging, event monitoring and incident reporting. The platform is designed to scale and work in mission critical environments described below.


Safety & Security

The Constellation Analytics PlatformTM  has models specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Fire Safety, Emergency Management, Corporate Security and School safety.


• A cloud-based platform for early threat detection, situational awareness and information sharing

• Tailored to monitor, detect, analyze, collaborate and respond to threats in real-time

• Advanced analytics that automatically score the highest-priority threat signals and rapidly deliver them to the right people at the right time

• Mobile apps that can be deployed to any user in the field in order to manually generate and document incidents from on-site, effectively turning users
   into sensors

• A tightly integrated ‘ecosystem’ of web and mobile apps to enable users to manage their critical assets and incident responses

• Open APIs and Webhooks so that it’s easy to get data in, and easy to get insight out


Insider Threat & Continuous Evaluation

Haystax Constellation for Insider Threat is a unique patented approach blending the qualitative model-based expert judgment with quantitative AI techniques to find threat signals buried inside multiple internal and external data sources.


• Insider threat model – Includes over 700 key risk indicators to evaluate trustworthiness

• Preventive – Focuses on individual behaviors rather than just network activity, enabling users to anticipate rather react to threats

• Actionable – Decision-makers get immediate, continuously updated intelligence on high-risk individuals

• Intelligent – Platform can discern even weak signals and slight anomalies, at machine scale

• Transparent – Constellation model allows users to know exactly how a particular individual’s risk score is calculated



Haystax Constellation Analytics Platform TM

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